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Security Information and Event Management technology provides real-time analysis of security alerts generated by network hardware and applications. SIEM solutions come as software, appliances or managed services, and are also used to log security data and generate reports for compliance purposes. Security Information Event Management (SIEM) tools have capabilities of gathering, analyzing and presenting information from network and security devices; identity and access management applications; vulnerability management and policy compliance tools; operating system, database and application logs; and external threat data. A key focus is to monitor and help manage user and service privileges, directory services and other system configuration changes; as well as providing log auditing and review and incident response. SIEM can be deployed across the enterprise either in an owned model or as a hosted service.
For customers who do not want to deploy data center infrastructure, related SIEM application infrastructure and trained manpower in-house can now use SIEM as a managed service from infySEC. infySEC's Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service collects, analyzes and stores logs from networks, hosts and critical applications. This service extends visibility beyond the network perimeter to the application layer to help businesses achieve more effective identification and mitigation of security threats, and compliance validation with numerous regulatory standards.

Our Managed SIEM is provided as a managed on-premise event collector, transmitting the raw log data to our Security Operations Center (SOC) for analysis, reporting and archiving. With our Managed SIEM services, businesses can access dynamic reports to help identify and prioritize security-related events. Hosted SIEM services from infySEC frees you from capital investments in expensive infrastructure and ever growing operational expenditure of managing this infrastructure and hiring and retaining trained skills to run the operations. Managed SIEM service from infySEC provides you hassle free access to the most intuitive SIEM application and associated services at a fraction of cost per month per user. So pay as you use and scale as you want.

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Incident response