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Management Testing

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Win-Win Testing
Acting as a channel to break the barrier between top management and bottom management.Employees are the Greatest assert and greatest threat of an organisation. We understand this and We are the first company to implement work culture Testing in order to create a working environment for the employee in order to create a win-win work culture.

  • Employee interaction to bring out the cultural issues within the organisation.
  • Maintaining data privacy so that employees details will not be revealed.
  • Addressing the management about the employees issue.
  • Top Management know about the bottom management.

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UnderCover Testing
infySEC truly believes that every project needs a strong security review both in logic and technology as a bundle of security development lifecycle, And also each of the components in the project have to be secured and the project owners will have to be par about your current public security level. Ideally this is what the Undercover Testing offers
For obvious reasons attackers will not try to gain access into your organization using the office front door, especially when the backyard is accessible. Security reviews and tests are mainly done with scope of a single application , or IP or server, which doesnt really go as a good use for any to fix the existing vulnerablities. These are few potential places where the Undercover Testing can be of great help in identifying often missed directions of possibly potential attacks in an organization.
Undercover Testing involves a thorough check on the entire publically accessible systems and the perimeter with no information on the target host/network. infySEC will allocate dedicated resources for the project to do indepth tests on externally accessible devices and applications i the same way as the attacker would, with no bounds on the network range or attack vectors or time lines, Once the access to the internal network is gained through the external perimeter our experts will continue to identify more potential associated threats.

  • Research on the Applications used
  • 0 Day Exploit development for the application
  • Physical location audit and attack pertaining to the infrastructure
  • Custom penetration testing over an extended period of time
  • Network and vulnerability discovery assesment
  • Social engineering toolkits against the employees on the organization
  • War driving, EPABX attacks, War dialing, Access Card attacks , Authentication attacks ,VOIP attacks and voice mail system attacks
  • Complete Understanding about Organization's People, Technology and Process
  • Technology- Technical Vulnerabilty- Appreciation of Cost Vs Benefit
  • People-Work culture - Statery planing, Policiy stringening, employee apraisal
  • Process-Employees awareness about the ISMS.
  • Executive Report
  • Detail Audit report
  • Detailed Statergic Report