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Infysec Student Chapter

About infySEC Student Chapter :

infySEC student chapter (ISC) is an association that comes under infySEC Training Division which is solely run by students of various academic institution across globe, supported by infySEC to ideally involve students and faculty members from different departments of their respective institutions, to provide knowledge about Technology and innovations that happens in the market, thereby preparing students to face the competitive industry.The chapters include students from various departments of technology background.ISC encourages interdisciplinary participation by students from many departments on campus.

Benefits :

ISC acts as a bridge between academic institutions and the industry, through which student apply for internship, develop their skill on Research and Development, gaining assistance for applying patents, Share ideas and enthusiasm with fellow students and faculty from any relevant department on campus, Explore career opportunities, Make contacts that will last a lifetime, Develop leadership skills.

Activities :

At ISC, we recognize and encourage students to perform various activities, which vary widely from chapter to chapter. With prime focus on techtalks, discussion forums, Education-Industry interaction, Guest Lecturing, etc.., Here is a list of what some of the ISC are doing.

  • Organize talks by students or faculty.
  • Organizing technical contest, workshops, seminars and conferences.
  • Publishing journals, articles and books.
  • Tours of industrial laboratories.
  • Online contest.
  • Monthly Chapter meeting.
  • Work with infySEC to organize Zonal meetings.
  • Host interdisciplinary activities with other departments on campus.

Recognition :

Once the academic institution gains the status of infySEC Student chapter, the institution will receive a certificate of recognition and the members of the chapter will be eligible to publish their technology based article, blogs on infySEC's newsletter, magazine and infySEC’s website, the chapter will also receive a Quarterly newsletter, which will be distributed to all the student chapters, corporate and Government Bodies across globe

How to apply ?

  • Make sure to fill in the enquiry form, with subject "Student Chapter".
  • You should be a Professor or a Senior Professor.
  • You will hear from infySEC for a casual discussion.
  • Submit completed application form which you will receive after the discussion and also about your experience to handle a Local Chapter.
  • We will intimate you on how to proceed further.