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Gather information from computers in the local network and perform a complete system audit with Total Network Inventory. Our software audit system has everything you need to build and maintain a comprehensive database about harware and software installed on all computers and workstations in your corporate network.
Inventory auditing is the accounting procedure within a company to maintain a record of the products and merchandise that is being stored while tracking the Company’s current supply count. Most companies consider their inventories as an asset and claim a certain valuation for it. This where auditors use lengthy procedures to test whether this valuation is placed correctly or not. Usually, auditing has multiple benefits, each of which will determine how the company shall progress with the changing industry without landing into troubles like overstock and shortfalls
Inventory Management Systems: This system makes your auditing process much easier and quicker. It is a blend between inventory control software, smart devices, barcode scanners and barcode printers. With this, you can easily track the company’s inventory throughout the whole process starting from receiving to disposal or shipping. You can figure out the quantity, cost and location of every single product in the storage areas.
Why do you need these systems in place for inventory auditing?

In transactions, it is quite difficult to remember every single product that is currently stocked as the company’s asset. If some products are already shipped but the data is not entered into the system, it will be hard to explain where the items have disappeared to. Customers can get disappointed when they do not get their products, and overall the budget mismanagement can affect someone’s income very negatively. A company can declare its value depending on its current list of stock, and any mistakes in accounting will lead the company into trouble. This is why using a very clean efficient system is very important, which can make inventory auditing quite fast and regular without leaving any room for error.

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