I'm Hacked

I'm Hacked

The tech world we live in today is fast-paced and hot on heels. We’ve reached heights in bridging the communication gap and technology growth. Like roses with thorns, we are also encountering countless cyber-attacks every day.

Which Companies Fell Prey For Cyber-Attacks?

The victims of cyber-attacks include individuals and start-ups. Even the fortune 500 companies and government agencies were not spared.

  • Facebook’s reputation crashed with 30 million users’ records breached.
  • British Airways admitted that sensitive data of 380,000 customers got robbed.
  • Marriott International suffered a whopping data breach of 500 million users.
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment went through hell with 100 TB of data stolen.

Did You Know What Is Happening In India?

  • A report states, "3.2 million Indian debit cards got compromised".
  • A survey accuses that 70% ATM’s in India uses outdated Operating Systems.
  • Aadhar details of 2.7 crore people compromised as a result of data breach.

Are Individuals Immune To Cyber-Attacks?

You think you are safe cause you're neither a techie nor a company? But we insist you take a second thought. You give out plenty of information on a daily basis. Want to know how

  • You give your name, mobile number and email id to the retail shops you visit.

Your name is enough for a hacker to dig out information including your address.

  • You receive tons of emails from unknown sources.

All you've got to do is click a link in the mail. And boom! Your system got cracked. The worst part is you don't even realize it. Because you got directed to a cloned website that looks exactly like a popular website.

  • You go ahead and post plenty of pictures online.

You adjust privacy settings and think your picture is safe. Let me tell you there is no turning back once you upload a picture in media. Even if you choose to stand up for your rights, you're only going to make it worse.

Who Can Join Us And What Will You Benefit?

Are you a student seeking to know about cybersecurity career opportunities? Come and know how to land the most sought-after cybersecurity career.

Are you a professional looking for career advancement in cybersecurity? Adorn your resume with a valuable cybersecurity awareness certificate.













Why Should You Become An Ethical Hacker?

“We need to take lessons learned from fighting terrorism and apply them to cybercrime - Robert Mueller”

The only ray of hope we have is a small army of ethical hackers. We need to outsmart cybercriminals by making smart moves. This workshop teaches you.

  • To think like hackers.
  • To witness how you become a victim of cyber-attack.
  • To protect yourselves from cyber threats.

What Is The Career Scope For Ethical Hacking?

NASSCOM says only 25% of the graduates are employable.

There will be a demand for 3 million cybersecurity professionals over the next 3 years.

It’s no big surprise, the demand for trained security professionals is skyrocketing. You will need to keep up with the pace or perish.

What Will You Get To Learn?

How to use google for hacking?

How websites can be compromised?

How a hacker can wipe your bank account?

How a hacker can shut down an e-commerce company?

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