Advanced Web Application Penetration Testing Training & Certification

Advanced Web Application Penetration Testing (AWAPT)

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Advanced Web Application Penetration Testing

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Web applications play a vital role in every modern organization. This becomes apparent when adversaries compromise these applications, damage business functionality and steal data.

Unfortunately, many organizations operate under the mistaken impression that a web application security scanner will reliably discover flaws in their systems. infySEC’s “Web Application Penetration Testing” helps employees move beyond push-button penetration testing to professional web application penetration testing that finds flaws before the attackers discover and abuse them.

Attackers increasingly focus on these high-value targets either by directly abusing public-facing applications or by focusing on web apps as targets after an initial break-in.

Modern cyber defense requires a realistic and thorough understanding of web application security issues. Anyone can learn to sling a few web hacks, but web application penetration testing requires something deeper. infySEC’s “Web Application Penetration Testing Training” will enable employees to capably assess a web application's security posture and convincingly demonstrate the impact of inadequate security that plagues most organizations. Students will come to understand major web application flaws and their exploitation and, most importantly, learn a field-tested and repeatable process to consistently find these flaws and convey what they have learned to their organizations.


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  • Should know how to use Web Browsers
  • Basic HTML familiarity
  • Basic networking will be helpful


Who Should Attend

  • Site Administrators
  • Systems Administrators
  • Network Administrators
  • Wireless Administrators
  • Blackberry Administrators
  • Webhosting Server Administrators
  • Web Developers and Designers
  • Research Analysts
  • IT professionals
  • Law professionas
  • Finance Sector Professionals
  • Banking Professionals
  • Students
  • Institution Professors & faculties
  • Auditors
  • Anyone who are anxious about the network infrastructure and data integrity
  • Anyone who is seeking a break through Career into information security

An in-depth coverage of the Same Origin Policy in its latest developments and the Cookie. This training will help experienced and non-experienced penetration testers gain critical foundational skills useful for the rest of the training course. At the end of the module the student will become familiar with Burp Suite and its basic configuration. It’s a light necessary introduction for an heavily practical, advanced training course.

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Advanced Web Application Penetration Testing Topics:


Modules Module Names
Module 1 Importance of Web Application
Module 2 Penetration Testing Process
Module 3 Information Gathering for PT
Module 4 Cross Site Scripting
Module 5 SQL Injection
Module 6 Session Security and Attacks
Modules Module Names
Module 7 Authentication
Module 8 HTML5 and New Frontiers
Module 9 Common Vulnerabilities
Module 10 Web Services
Module 11 XPath Injection
Module 12 VA & Exploitation tools


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Work From Home
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Learn With Fun


infySEC IS Lab is an extreme Online Virtual Remote Lab provided to participants where they can work from any place at any point of time without restriction. ISLab provides login privilege to Web Application Penetration Testing participants where they can work in our Virtual Remote Server and start doing their Labs.

Our ISLab was created in such a concept called “Learn with Fun” where each participant will face gaming-like structured online hacking program called 'Live Hacking Zone' which contains many Levels relevant to the topics covered on the program. Each participant has to cross levels to face AWAPT exam, Hence AWAPT will only deliver equipped candidates. Participant have to cross multiple Levels starting with easy to toughest level. Each participant can track other participants activity live which helps each participants to get involved into Live Hacking Zone competition, Prepare to be SHOCKED, ENTERTAINED and EDUCATED all at the same time.


AWAPT Course fee

Rs.18,000 Nett

Deliverables includes

  • Course topics covering
  • IS Lab access
  • Handbook
  • DVDs with over 2000+ Softwares
  • AWAPT Course Certificate
  • AWAPT User Friendly DVDs

It Is Mandatory That You Get Proper Written Permission From Your Organization Before Using Our Course Software, Tools And Techniques On Your Company Networks And Systems For Any Sorts Of Testing Or Services You Lend. If You Are Planning For Any Kind Beneficiary Security Testing Inside Your Organization, It Is Advised To Intimate Your Network And Computer Operations Teams In Written Form Before You Start Any Testing.If You Are Planning For Any Kind Beneficiary Security Testing For Your Clients, It Is Advised To Sign An Non Disclosure Agreement From The Respective Stakeholders In Written Form Before You Start Any Testing.

AWAPT Course Certificate

  • One Passport Size Photo During Registration
  • Photocopy of your ID card during registration
  • Participant have to bring their own WiFi enabled laptop,High Speed WiFi Internet facility will be provided


Mode of registration

1. Online fund Transfer -

2. Cash payment in training office.