Escape Your Website from Hackers’ Eyes

Escape Your Website from Hackers’ Eyes

Escape Your Website from Hackers’ Eyes

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Are you aware of the various attempts taken by the hackers on your website? Everyday sophisticated trials are happening to hack your websites. Every moment is precious for you to protect your website. Even though you follow the regular security system, the tricky ways of hacking can crack the wall of your web security. Hacking is growing rapidly for every business both large and small. Now, the question is, why do Hackers hack your website? A plethora of reasons is roaming in the mind of hackers to target the websites.


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Why Hackers Hack Your Website: The known reasons will help you to save your website from the massive cyber attacks. The most common reasons for hacking the websites are:

  • Knock Down Your Business: The main goal of your competitors are to affect your website or business severely to shut down. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is the most popular form of server Disruption attack.
  • Economic Gains: This digital era has opened the various gates for hackers to steal the money through net banking by placing Banking Trojans. The net banking becomes more significant areas to steal the money.
  • Gaining Information (Starting from employees’ data to company data): The most common motives of hackers to leak the information starting from employees’ data to company data that can lead to a great loss for your business. 
  • Exposure of Customer’s information: Most of the hackers steal the potential customer’s information and sell it outside. This can break the seal of Trustworthy.

  • Credit Card Information Leakage: Online transaction provides the convenience, but it became the easiest way of privacy breach. Hackers try to steal the credit card information of the customers every day.

  • To Show the Potential: To grab the attention of people and show their own ability/skill, hackers target the popular websites to hack.

Methods of Hacking: “How do they hack“ is also important like “Why do they hack”. Below mentioned descriptions will provide you with fair ideas of various methods of hacking.

  • Vulnerability Scanning: It refers to the security technique that identifies the weaknesses of the websites that can be the common gateway of several threats. By applying the sophisticated techniques, hackers can infiltrate the security system to gain the unauthorized access. Once your website has unethical trespassers, various gates will be opened for the hackers to have control on your domain. So, regular Vulnerability Scanning can save your websites from various threats.
  • SQL Injection Attack: Hackers can edit, insert and modify the data through this form that can lead to the massive attacks.
  • Cross Site Scripting Attack: This attack is also known as XSS attack. It is a type of injection in which malicious scripts are injected into, and XSS vulnerability originates when web applications take data from users and include it dynamically in web pages without validating the data properly.
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery Attacks: It happens when a user logs into his account, and a hacker gets an opportunity to send the user forged HTTP request to gain his cookie information.
  • DDOS Attack – Distributed Denial Of Service Attack: When a server or machine services are not available to its user, DDOS attacks happen. For instance; when a system is offline, a hacker can proceed to compromise either the entire website or a specific function of a website to their own advantage.

Protect Your Website: Having regular vulnerability Scanning and patching the flaws, offered by DoWebScan, will protect your website from hackers target. Regular scanning will provide you up to date report to keep a protective eye on your website to guard.

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