DMA Locker Virus! Being Locked Without Information is Dangerous than Encryption

DMA Locker Virus! Being Locked Without Information is Dangerous than Encryption

DMA Locker Virus! Being Locked Without Information is Dangerous than Encryption - 4.3 out of 5 based on 6 reviews

DMA Locker is a dangerous ransomware, newly discovered, to lock your computer, denying access to your own files. It may cause great tension. This gradually infiltrates and encrypts stored data, and the message is displayed as “All of your files are encrypted by DMA Locker”. Also, DMA locker asks the victim to pay a ransom in exchange for a private key to decrypt the locked file.


DMA Locker


As DMA Locker coding is so shoddy, sometimes the malware crashes before victim receives a ransom demand. As a result, users may find its computer inactive without knowing the reason behind it.

How it is Dangerous: Containing all the information regarding encryption and payment, this ransomware displays message stating victim must pay a 15 Bitcoin (BTC) ransom that is equivalent to US$6491.25. Or else, the encrypted data will be lost. Also, victims are provided the instructions to pay step by step. Actually, ransoms demanded by other ransomware type viruses fluctuates between 0.5 to 1.5, making DMA Lockers’ ransom higher.

Process of DMA Locker Removal: The bad news is that there are no tools able to decrypt the files or data. The best way to recover the files is to restore your system from backups. If you are backing up your information on the external server, before ransomware attacks your computer, it is very easy to recover the files or data logging in to the respective interface. Before doing this, ensure to remove the ransomware.

In order to remove the DMA Locker, if you are using Windows XP and Windows 7, restart your computer. During the start process, press F8 key multiple times until you see the Windows Advanced Option menu and select Safe Mode with Networking from the list.

If you are Window 8 users, go to windows 8 start screen, in the search result select setting, type Advanced. Click on Advanced start up options, in the opened 'General PC Settings' window, and then select advanced start up. Click on 'restart now button' to restart your computer into the 'Advanced Startup options menu'. Go ahead and click the 'troubleshoot' button, and click on 'advanced options' button. In the advanced option screen, click 'Startup Settings'. Then click on the ‘Restart button’. Your computer will restart into the startup setting screen. Press F5 to boot in safe mode with networking.

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