This time its TWITTER CEO's account

This time its TWITTER CEO's account

This time its TWITTER CEO's account

Now a day’s nothing seems to be inevitable for hackers, even the CEO of Twitter can’t escape from becoming a prey of these invaders. Jack Dorsey joins the expanding list of High profile CEO’s whose social networking accounts are hacked.

A group of hackers under the name OurMine had hacked Dorsey’s Twitter account and posted few benign videos. The hacker tweeted “Hey, it’s OurMine, we are testing your security” from Jack’s account. It all happened at 2:50 AM ET and they linked the tweet to their website.

Twitter was quick to react and deleted those tweets within a short time. The attackers actually posted these messages via Dorsey’s Vine account which they have used a source to get access to the Twitter account.

Jack Dorsey probably had an old/shared password on his Vine account which may link it to another service that was compromised. Another reason for this incident can be Dorsey is using the same Vine’s password for a long time.

It had given a way for intruders to get into the company’s CEO account. It’s the same technique that OurMine had followed in its previous hacks of other famous people.

Whatever may be the reason Hackers proved that even high profiled people’s social networking accounts are not 100% secured.

This issue seems to be growing and is increasing user’s privacy concerns. Social networking platforms should find a permanent solution to these type of problems. On user’s part, everyone should follow some basic steps to prevent these hacks. Make sure you’re using a different password for every site, if you are unable to do you can use password managers like 1Password or LastPass.

Frequently update passwords of all your accounts and most importantly turn on two-factor authentication for services that have it. This authentication method sends a pin number via text message to your linked mobile number.

The same group named as OurMine were behind the hacks of social media accounts of Google and Facebook’s CEOs.

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