Success Determinants: Get it Right from Start

Success Determinants: Get it Right from Start

Success Determinants: Get it Right from Start


 I know that you’ve heard this a lot while building your website, getting started with SEO, diving into Google Analytics and even when you started your business, but it’s true:

By this I am referring at the fact that you need to understand the SEO process, prepare the tools that will make your job 1 million times easier and setup goals for what you want to achieve.

Additionally you need to have a clean design with nice fonts that makes articles easy to read, uses a smart theme (if you are on WordPress) with good coding that Google loves.

a. Understand the process

Again, this is not a hard process but you need to know why you are doing this, how search engines work and how you can achieve good SEO rankings in search engines.

But, by the time you will finish reading this article you will have these clear.

b. Use smart tools to make your job easier

There are tons of tools out there and there are a lot really good tools, but you need to use the best tools to make your job easier so you can focus on what’s really important.

That is why I will list here the tools that I use and consider the most important for your SEO efforts:

c. Setup Goals

Always, always setup goals when starting a new project. In this case you can have as a goal a specific ranking for your keywords, a targeted number of links to your site or visitors that come to your site from search engines.

Personally, I set as a goal for my articles torank fastand then get on the first page of Google.

Sometimes they do get there and sometimes they don’t, depending on how competitive the keyword is.

If they are on the first page I already have a boost in traffic and all I have to do to get them higher on the page is just increase my site authority.

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