Stream up your Portfolio: Best themes for wedding photographers

Stream up your Portfolio: Best themes for wedding photographers

Stream up your Portfolio: Best themes for wedding photographers - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

Smile Please! Is this all that a wedding photographer does? A photographer in himself is a synonym to true artist but for every artist it is really necessary that all his arts and related scribbling’s reaches the viewers in the most special manner. When as a photographer you start blogging your pictures, it is just not like filling an empty box with clicks rather it even depends on the way you portray your collection. Undoubtedly, Wordpress has paved way for many young and professional talents but the main pinch of greasing comes from the variant themes that are just not a case to your pictures rather a back-light to let them glow more on the web-page.

But as a photographer it isn’t just the tough task rather it’s a prudential task to pick up the best theme for your page, so that each eye that comes in takes back the shade of your creativity. And that is how the theme manages up. As such there are many free themes available but the premium ones blend up their own benefits. So when perfection is in demand, penny is the worth. To offer my helping hand, I have enlisted few premium wordpress themes for wedding photographers, but if you are planning for your own web portal make sure to penetration testing.

  • PhotoBox: The first one that crawls in may cost you somewhat $30, but this simple premium wordpress themes for wedding photographers lets you lets you make your way with  variant theme patterns, quadrat font styles which are well combined and wrapped up with three page templates and custom widgets.
  • Another one on the of premium wordpress themes for wedding photographers is CLEAN, unquestionably it makes up a great effect on all types of screen resolutions paired up with multiple devices. It has a combination of those features that are just the perfect pick, such as Google web font, masonry or normal layout, widget ready sidebars and many more. It charges just $24 from your card.
  • MyFolio: It is an extremely intelligent pick, it is highly efficient and widely attractive photographer’s platform. It has a wide footer area and the well-shaped grids with the home page layout pattern that makes it a wise option. It is a widely used theme and makes up your perfect page in $68
  • MiniFolio: The name of this theme is somewhat similar to that of the previous one but it is comparatively more user friendly as it comes with easy customization panels. And the best in all is the full screen effect of the background which glitters your work.
  • Dandelion: it is one of the most interesting themes in the above list as it wins the photographer’s mind with 32 variant custom styles. Also the admin panel is inscribed with efficient and bonded settings which make up the best effect to your page.
  • WIDELY is just the next bullet in the list for the people who are in rush, in other words it is a theme that lets your home page catch the viewer’s attention in just a flick.  And this premium wordpress theme for wedding photographers charge just $39 to make you page more responsive.

So lengthen your arms and pick the most suited premium wordpress themes for wedding photographers, but don’t avoid penetration testing tools and make your own portfolio case.

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