Star Wars: Yes here it goes live, Battlefront Bespin DLC

Star Wars: Yes here it goes live, Battlefront Bespin DLC

Star Wars: Yes here it goes live, Battlefront Bespin DLC

The second of Battlefront’s 4 DLC packs is prepared to play now for everyone, and includes 5 new maps and a Cloud Car.

Considering how costly a deteriorate pass is, a initial DLC enlargement for Star Wars: Battlefront didn’t accurately get things off to an moving start. But a second one is out now and does during slightest embody a new location: Bespin’s Cloud City from The Empire Strikes Back.

We’ve only had a discerning go and it contains 5 new maps, a new diversion mode called Sabotage, and a new Twin-Pod Cloud Car to commander in Fighter Squadron (it’s really tiny and comes with a sensor jammer, a bit like a Snowspeeder).

The dual new characters are Lando Calrissian and a annuity hunter Dengar. You also get a new Hutt Contract, new weapons, and new Star Cards.

We don’t consider it’s going to change anyone’s mind about a game, generally as it costs £12 when bought separately, though during slightest it’s some-more estimable than a initial one.

Released during a same time is a giveaway refurbish that increases a turn top to 70, adds new dress options for Rebels and Imperials, and a long list of tweaks and balancing changes.

The third DLC enlargement is due this autumn and will be formed around a Death Star(s). The fourth and final enlargement is due in early 2017 and a essence are now a secret.

It’s ordinarily suspicion that it will deliver elements from this Christmas’ Rogue One movie, though after a proclamation of Battlefront 2 for subsequent year that no longer seems so certain.

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