Should your content bring you more reactions or actions

Should your content bring you more reactions or actions

Should your content bring you more reactions or actions

Should your content bring you more reactions or actions - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

Shaking a bottle of coke would only end up in bubbles, but you can’t drink them. So creating bubbles is a waste of product, as your prime motive is to swallow the drink. The same concept even applies to the factums related to a content marketing campaign. While any team or an individual hits the thunder of content marketing industry, they should purely understand the true motive behind their bang. There are many people who merely lay down their campaign on the motive of an increased traffic. But is that all you want? Probably not, as your aim is to sell your products or services catch a hold on the pocket of your customers for brand management. Such aims would only create noise and won’t end up in desired targets.

Also the deep research has satisfied the argument with the fact that such campaigns that lead only to traffic conversions are later treated as a spam and would even affect the credibility of your product or service. So emphasizing on the target structure, it shouldn’t aim at dragging reactions rather in bagging actions, i.e. paid sales, but its important that the content is capable of online reputation management.

Though when we knock the doors of a content marketing specialist, a pitch of benefits is certain but it’s even necessary to be prepared with your own booklet of demands. For the same purpose I have listed down a set of goals that content marketing campaign should head, to attract successful actions:

  • Let your readers know your existence. It is very necessary that the market you are targeting should be aware about your existence. And this could be carried up by the nourishing brand awareness. Knock up the windows to show your face, i.e. the content should bring a flood of your brand name, such that each reader shall speak of your brand.
  • Also as mentioned, when a brand brings in a flood of its articles or its feeds, the reader tends to grow a corner of trust for the particular brand. So, that’s the next target that content should bang, “trust”.
  • Not even a fly would sit in dust that gives it nothing. That’s it, you need to educate your readers i.e. the content needs to speak an educating tone with a pinch of marketing. This is a necessary part, as a reader wills to read only those phrases that assist them; nobody would read a brand flattering content. So make your words more educative rather than a marketer.
  • The most important is to compel your readers to read and take a positive step towards your product. This would be a success story only if the content is resembled as an engaging one. So make it communicative, a question-answer format does well in such a case.
  • Also let your content speak about titbits of talent acquisition. Yes a brand gets known even through its employees, so if you wish to recruit an efficient team, let your content invite talent. This simple statement wouldn’t just attract talented candidates, rather a trust towards your brand name.

So giving a core direction to the discussion, any content that a campaign heads, should be served with a prime motive extract action, more than attracting mere reactions.

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