Security Testing at the highest rise!!!!

Security Testing at the highest rise!!!!

Security Testing at the highest rise!!!! - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

When I end up hearing that the government has been busy taking up new steps in making up their regulations for the cyber security patterns, the same hits me with a question, that with this type of changing trends, its really tough to understand, where and how will things turn up in coming days, so after reading many things I could settle up for these set of things that may end up in near future when it comes to cyber security:

1. Increase in cyber threats when it comes to IoT devices: I am sure that a lot of IoT devices can be expected to be launched in the coming future but the need of good cyber security patterns should increase as this shall also increase the risk of these devoces.

 2. What about online extortion. Ransomware has always been a and will remain a major and rapidly growing threat. It is an estimated theory that the attacks will get more personal and the intense need of cyber security shall grow by each passing day, as cyber extortionists will devise new ways to target victims.

3. Arising Hacktivism: It had been clearly driven that too with an effect by a clearly defined political or social point in suach a manner to make, hacktivist group and the same shall get more active and the usage assigned for the platform is efficient enough to make its point.

Thus with an increase in the threats the need of security testing seems to have really grown up.

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