Make sure you play smart on web!!!

Make sure you play smart on web!!!

Make sure you play smart on web!!! - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

Make a good web application with best Wordpress tips:

Site size

This is a very common reason to slow loading of your site. Try to maintain your site size within 1 MB.

Here are some notes about site size:

Under 500 KB is excellent
Under 1 MB is good
1-3 MB is acceptable
3 MB plus risky

# Turn off ping backs and trackbacks in WordPress

These two things also reduce the loading time of your blog so it’s better to turn off. Also concentrate on your Brand Management techniques

# Use a Cache Plugin

It’s always better choice to use a cache plugin W3 Total Cache to optimize your site to load smoothly.

Advance Website Speed Optimization Tips

Now come to the important part of this post. Here I’m going to suggest you what are other necessary things which make your website load faster.

While your cache plugin is working hard to do your task easier. But still you need to do something at your end.

First check your site through GTmetrix and look what this tool is suggesting you in red mark grades. 


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