Know your child: Parenting has become technological

Know your child: Parenting has become technological

Know your child: Parenting has become technological - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

A child’s world, a place where there is no perfection, where none of the lines are straight, where the dog doesn’t bark in his own voice, where the food is never eaten in the plate, where you don’t need to call for food, in short it is scenery of such a world where your child is the king. Probably such a world is each one’s story, though we tend to forget it as we grow, but parenting gives you a chance to smell all those gestures and feelings once again.

With the growing market trends the rise of educative portals have become really a good option to earn as well as to ensure that kids are smart enough to grow. So if you own such, get ahead for brand management and let people improve their skills.

And this is where the first concept of NLP comes, know your child well. I know that you are a parent now, but to know your child you need to be of his age limit and with a mind-set as his. Every child has his own way to look at the world, for some it may be a green world, for others it may be an alien landing and so on. In scientific mode these set of presumptions is known as mapping, the concepts that a child assumes for the outer world is generally a blur figure of the inner mapping. For example some kids cry terribly to be in the arms of a stranger but on the other hand, some children feel no insecurities, now the feeling of scared could be because of an internal mapping that makes a stranger into some unknown figure. And the same ultimately makes him cry. So to understand the likes and dislikes of your child you need to know what the thing that scares him is. The scary thing can be a moustache or a colour or hair or anything. Every child has his own assumptions about the outer world. So to look in the inner mapping of a child it’s needed to understand his outer assumptions. So you don’t just have a role to feed him properly rather feel his on your tongue, see the world with his eyes and try to hear the things as he do, only with such genuine initiatives you can look deep in your child and let him overcome his fears and illusions.

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