IRCTC’s Content Marketing battle: A strategic plan

IRCTC’s Content Marketing battle: A strategic plan

IRCTC’s Content Marketing battle: A strategic plan

IRCTC’s Content Marketing battle: A strategic plan - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 reviews

To go up, write well! This is the sole mantra of a content writing campaign. While planning any content writing campaign for any website or a blog, one needs to be deeply informed about its target audience for online reputation management and the people who can actually avail the merits of the product or service put on sale.

While we shift our conversation to content marketing campaign for IRCTC, it requires clarifying the motive and the tasks performed by the website. Though IRCTC isn’t one among the unknown category, still it needs a speedo-gear. IRCTC is basically the pool or let’s call it as an ocean where the user can log in and book his train tickets, enquire about the train status, availability or its scheduled timing and much more. But a small portion of its audience is aware about the flight booking, hotel booking and even the shopping page of IRCTC. So to bring in a bigger square of public to its other pages it is necessary to plan a content marketing campaign for IRCTC. For the same purpose there should be a proper layout, to notify the steps to be taken and the audiences to be knocked up.

I have listed down the necessary tangents to be checked for a perfect content marketing campaign:

  • As said earlier while marketing one needs to be well concentrated towards the set target. But any such thing seems to be impossible when you try to hit many bottles in one go and that to virtually. So without scribbling over the whole page initially targeting just one segment of the audience would end up in fruitful results. While speaking about IRCTC it is a mere truth that the most headed group should be the middle class economic society. Where people need safety as well as a service without any extra cost. So for such an audience focus on the prices and the EMI options should be more concentrated.
  • It has been fairly said “know your customer well, before you sell”. The same concept applies in this case too. Before pitching any content, we need to understand the flow of context of the buyers who log in IRCTC. A well-defined but at the same time a simple UI is really important for IRCTC to attract its customers. Also the content to be pitched should not exaggerate to a great extent rather should be phrased in a manner to make the toughest procedure into an easy pathway for brand management.
  • After analysing the target audiences and their perspectives, the campaign should concentrate on successful paid conversions. The content to be marketed should carry its motive in a compelling tone that could lead to successful conversions. As by just increasing the visitors won’t serve as the pure goal, one needs to be practically motivated.
  • Also it is necessary to see, when the demand does seeks a hike arrow. As it is the best time to beat the heated metal, i.e. to end up in more conversions.
  • Of late, a content marketing campaign should concentrate on bringing all the points together on a single track, i.e. target audience, their perspectives, and their need or demand hours. And when all these aspects are well-defined, the content to be marketed can be well analysed.

If all the above mentioned points are taken into high consideration, IRCTC can definitely end up in a successful content marketing campaign, as a pen speaks far impressive words than a tongue.

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