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Drone Tracker

Camera drones certainly are growing in popularity -- or further polluting the sky, depending on your perspective. A new model plans to follow your every move, thanks to a tracker on your wrist.

After you throw Lily, it will fly up to 50 feet in the air and 100 feet away from you, knowing where you are and keeping its lens focused on whatever you're doing. A smartphone app helps you adjust the camera angle, and has two cameras to boost the number of possible angles.

Lily also uses an accelerometer on the tracker to recognize when your motion shifts suddenly -- like if you're a BMX addict jumping off a ramp -- and will momentarily switch to slow motion footage to give your moment of glory a little more shine. Rad.

I would have loved to have something like Lily when I walked in the Scottish Highlands to capture myself in the majesty of that natural beauty -- well, at least in the early part of the trek, before every step felt like the last I'd ever take.

We've seen auto-follow drones before, and the Nixie is certainly more portable -- and perhaps more practical, since it wraps around the owner's wrist when not in use. Also, there's no collision detection in Lily, so it might not be best suited to parkour aficionados.

Lily is an impressive little package, though, and I want one. Thanks to the apparent robustness, waterproofing, and adorable Wall-E-style "face," I have a gut feeling this will be the first commercial drone to really, er, take off.

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