Android's N is in market

Android's N is in market

Google usually announces a new version of Android at its annual developer conference called I/O. This year, however, we've already seen two Android N Developer Preview releases, so the search giant doesn't have anything new to announce - or does it?

Today the company is pushing out the third big release of the Android N Developer Preview. According to the company, this is the first "beta quality" iteration of the next OS version, so you may even get away with installing it on your main device without any nastiness (then again, "beta" doesn't mean "bug free", keep that in mind).

Aside from the usual battery of performance improvements and fixes and whatnot, this release brings with it a new update mechanism that emulates the one used in Chrome OS. Basically, whenever a new software update is available, your device will automatically download it in the background, and then automatically install it the next time you restart your phone or tablet.

No more notifications telling you that an update is available, and no need to then confirm that you want to download and install. It will all be a much more seamless process, and booting up after an update is applied should be faster than it used to be too, because the infamous "Android is upgrading" screen is gone.

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