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Advanced Generation: Kali Linux Rolling Released - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review
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Advanced Generation: Kali Linux Rolling Released

Monday, 01 February 2016 05:30

What is Kali Linux Rolling: After a long walk, the hacker’s favorite operating system Kali has raised its neck with first rolling releases on 21st January, 2016. Kali Linux is a powerful tool for penetration testing and it has more than 600 ethical hacking tools, in addition of Wireshark, Nmap, Armitage, Aircrack, Burp Suite etc. The last releases, Kali Linux 2.0 brought plethoras of features ranging from GNOME 3 to supporting KDE, GNOME3, Xfce, MATE, e17, lxde and i3wm. But Kali Linux Rolling came with more advanced features and more customizable. 

kali linux rolling

New Changes in Kalli Linux Rolling: It came with the few changes that enable professionals to perform their tasks easily all the time. 

  • Continuously Updated Penetration Tools: The significant part is to ensure a constant flow of the latest package versions where Kali Linux Rolling ensures the latest stable releases of the tools. This usually takes a time of 24-48 hours from the notification of a new tool update to its packaging, testing, and pushing into our repositories.
  • Kali Linux Package Tracker: This is another new feature Kali Linux rolling introduced, and it allows you to follow the evolution of Kali with the help of a powerful web-based interface. You can check the installed and newest versions of tools with the help of this tracker at any moment.
  • Installation of VMware Guest Tools: This change emphasizes in the way how VMware guest tools are installed. This release looks after the VMware recommendation that suggests using distribution-specific open-vm-tools instead of the VMware Tools package for the guest machines.

VMware Tools & Open-VM-Tools:  The VMware Tools package comes with the VMware products that contain both open source and closed source components while the open VMware Tools Package is just the open source component of the VMware Tools. In general the basic features of both are same, but there are very few extra things VMware Tools includes. If your Linux distro has a VMware Tools package in its repositories, it is based on Open VM Tools, not VMware Tools.

Why It Is Different: Kali Linux is designed to be used in a ”single root user” case, due to the nature of security audit. Most of the penetration testing tools need escalated privileges where as Kali Linux needs only enable root privileges when necessary. Top of that, It contains sysvinit hooks that disable network services by default. Also, it uses an upstream kernel, patched for wireless injection.

DoWebScan adheres all the Kali Linux standards to do penetration testing and uses the advanced tools to provide you accurate report in detail and appropriate solutions. Its aim is to provide strong security to your website with all advanced ways.

Don’t Be Headlined as A Hackers Playground - 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews
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Don’t Be Headlined as A Hackers Playground

Friday, 29 January 2016 05:30

Being highlighted for getting trapped, you will gain only sympathy, but lose so many things ranging from reputation to customers’ trust. Currently, people investigate and check the histories and reviews of the companies before heading to purchase or having any services. Your website is your brand, when it becomes the big news for not having a strong security system and being victims of the skilled hackers, you lose a number of customers and their trust. So do you like to be the headline of well known channels and media websites?

Various Attacks: Let’s have an overview of the security realm and find the major attacks that happened earlier. Israeli power grid suffered from a huge cyber attack one day ago. Similarly, if we enumerate the data breach happenings, our hair will turn grey. The big companies that provide the security services others were not able to escape from the eyes of hackers. Starting from Kaspersky to PayPal were being highlighted for privacy breaches. All the data and private information leaked in a blink of an eye. Even the personal email account of the CIA’s (Central Intelligence Agency) director was compromised, which was really shocking. After seeing the sophisticated ways of hacking, you can’t tell that you are secured. No matter if it is a big or small, but criminal’s eyes are always on your web vulnerabilities to get into.


Identifications of the Attacks: In order to face these challenges or not to be affected, first know the root causes of the attacks. Once you have fair ideas on the existing flaws in your website, you can take the relevant solutions to protect your brand. There are various flaws starting from SQL Injection, Code Injection, Path traversal, Unvalidated redirects to XML Injection and Private IP aspanress disclosure through which hackers can get into your website to steal the information. The identification of these kinds of flaws is the first step of protecting your brand from the threats which DoWebScan offers in its scanning module.

Take the Best Preventive: There is no guarantee of ensuring your brand will not be on the list of the headline as hackers’ sophisticated strategies are out of our imaginations. So scanning is the best way to identify the flaws in order to avoid the unseen threats. Scan your website and get the vulnerability reports in detail to measure your security level. Based on the given report you can have the relevant protection plan.

In order to have tricks to handle upcoming threats, join us at our Webinar on 4th February, 2016 at 9:30 pm. So you will have a well-organized plan from the beginning of the year to defend the upcoming privacy breach.