Privacy & Data Protection

Privacy & Data Protection

InfySEC is a rapidly growing security services organization. Our focus is on four areas: Security Technology services, Security consulting, Security Training, Research & Development with customers across Asia, US and Europe.

Our professionals are extensively trained and certified in CISSP, ISO20000, CISA, ISO27001,BS7799, CBCP and SANS.

Our industry expertise extends over Banking-Finance-Insurance, IT and Consulting, Telecommunications, Research & Development and Government. Our solutions encompass security assurance, compliance, governance, monitoring and management services.


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Infysec timeline

InfySEC & Team conducted 3 days of Cyber Hackathon in Comex Oman. 

InfySEC becomes the EXIN Accredited examination organization. 

InfySEC signs a partnership agreement with PECB (Professional Evaluation and Certification Board)


InfySEC conducted Ethical Hacking Workshop in Chennai, India.

InfySEC becomes the silver partner for the Cyber Security Summit India 2018 

InfySEC becomes the Video Partner for the Nullcon Goa'18.

InfySEC published a free Course on Udemy for everyone about the Computer Hacking which has been enrolled by 80,000+ Students till date

Conducted Workshop at "Itrix Chennai" in College of Engineering, Guindy

Conducted E-Hack Workshop at Indian Institute of Science, Banglore

Successfully completed over 200+ security projects for various countries like  Australian , Maldivian , Dubai , etc.., Governments

Largest and Longest Ethical Hacking Awareness Workshop in the world

We did over 170 different workshops across India

We have grown from 1 to 15 member team

We started in 2010 and walked for 3.5 years now

Information about consumers is valuable for organizations. Data is collected and stored, enabled by new technologies. This explosion of data presents specific security challenges where personal data is concerned. Organizations can benefit by respecting their clients’ privacy: attract new clients because your company is known for respecting their privacy. They will be happy to leave their personal data in your care.

In the European Union regulations and standards regarding the protection of data are stringent. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into force in May 2016 and organizations had until May 2018 to change their policies and processes to ensure they fully comply. Companies outside Europe will also need to comply when doing business in Europe. One of the solutions to comply in time is to qualify staff. Having certified professionals with the right level of knowledge can help prepare your organization to face these opportunities. The EXIN Privacy & Data Protection program covers the required knowledge of legislation and regulations relating to data protection and how this knowledge should be used to be compliant.

Privacy and Data Protection Certification Program: 

All personnel in an organization dealing with customer data will need to be aware of their responsibility in safeguarding personal data. Specifically, the Data Protection Officer, Privacy Officers, Compliance Officers, Security Officers and the Business Continuity Manager will benefit from this certification.

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Privacy and Data Protection Essentials:

Privacy & Data Protection Essentials has been created specifically to test candidates on their basic understanding of data protection in the context of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including the definitions, the requirements to process data and the rights of data subjects. The exam also covers how to organize data protection and the practice of data protection.

CERTIFICATION PRICE - ₹11,999  ₹8,500

(You will get a call from our team where you can schedule for your exam)

Privacy and Data Protection Foundation:

Privacy & Data Protection Foundation covers the main subjects related to the protection of personal data. Candidates benefit from a certification that is designed to impart all the required knowledge to help ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.


(You will get the E-Module and call from our team where you can schedule for your exam)

Privacy and Data Protection Practitioner:

Privacy and Data Protection Practitioner is an advanced-level certification that validates a professional’s knowledge and understanding of the European privacy (data protection) legislation. The exam looks at the international relevance of these regulations and tests the individual's ability to apply this knowledge and understanding in everyday professional practice.


Who needs to take certification?

Essential - Who wants or needs to have a basic understanding of data protection and European legal requirements as defined in the GDPR. The Essentials exam is exceptionally suitable for everyone that needs to make informed decisions regarding the privacy and the protection of their own data.

Foundation - This is designed for all staff who need to have an understanding of data protection and the European legal requirements as defined in the GDPR. This makes it ideal for data protection officers, privacy officers, legal/compliance officers, security officers or business continuity managers.

Practitioner - This is ideal for: Data Protection Officers (DPOs), Privacy Officers, Legal / Compliance Officers, Security Officers, Business Continuity Managers, Data Controllers, Data Protection Auditors (internal and external) and HR managers.

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About EXIN:

EXIN is an international organization that provides certifications all over the world in many different languages. EXIN is headquartered in the Netherlands and operates in other countries including India, Japan, Brazil, and China. EXIN strives to continually evolve and develop as an organization. To help realize these ambitions, EXIN has a mission and vision to act as a guiding light in everything they do.

Our Eminent Tutor:

Our distinguished tutor has around 24+ years of experience working in and around the USA, UK, and India, with multiple clients including British Telecom, Ford, Reuters, Verizon, Xerox etc. To add feathers to his cap, he holds certifications in Agile Leadership, Leadership Coach and Success Coach.


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